Monday, March 15, 2010

IMAXed Alice!!! - My Firstest EVERS Movie Review!

 Today I gots my very ownliest Cheshire Kitty Outfit made jus for me to go sees my firstest ever IMAXified Movie - Alice In Wonderlands!!!

Here I be's Stylin it wid my MARCHmost Hare!
Alls Dis Bein Anticipatory to my Goins to da Movies Tnite!
Den we Wents to da Theatre ans I gots my Pixture took wid da Posters!
I done been so Xcited I be's dancin!
YEPPERs It Be IMAXified!!!
So den we wents into da Movie and I gots in me Perch
 I even gots me some PoppysCorn!
An mores PoppiesCorn!
An den I puts on my 3D Spekkies an gots me MindsBlowned!
When Alice Done FINALSLY Falleded downs da hole into Wonderlands - I LOVES'ded Da Movie!
I wants me one of da Rockin Horsie Bugs to fly abouts in!

All me buddies was in it! Thistle Ann were da Reds Queen an she keptsd yellins "Off Wid Der Headeses" jus like she do, an Tilly Moon had her axe all sharpensed an ready. Inara were flyin abouts da woods makin dem real spookyfied! Lily were da White Queen and moved her arms jus likes she do - it were So Perfect!
Wilkies babies were so cuteses as TweedleDee and TweedleDum,
Ivy done wrapped her sef in all sorts o places.
Creaturesmith critters was everwhere bein rided
Elfalina was Elvin abouts all Devlin bitsing peoples.
Rati were havin tea parties an throwin sugar cubes abouts
Lucy were flyin abouts doin cameos evrywheres, so no wonders she got sidetracked by Hollywoods on her ways Home!
Fi were secret agenting to saves everbodies
Midsummer was wafting abouts crownsing everones
Lyra were singin to keep spiritses alives
Grace an Egg were tendin to da poor beasties batted bouts in da tourney
Ember done made tons of Wonderfulness Cappies an Gloria mades tons of Nifty Costumeses
RiverMyst builded all sorts of wonderous places
An me Bunksie Depp hads me heart all aTwitterfied!

I likesd da wonders of all da places, an da 3D way it done grabbified me's! 
I tinks I even droppsed some of me poppiecorns at Xcitings.
I also really likesed da messages abouts how to grow into bein a Being
an how Change comes from da Speriencin of jus keepins Goins
an everbodies stickin togethers as Peeps
an how ya find yours inside Couragemost as you Go

Alls in Alls I Tinks Dis Alice In Wonderlands Be's


  1. Aha-ha! Wonderful review, your Tigginess! Thanks for the guest appearance of Egg and me-self, your highness.

    I was inspired and wanted to run home to make more creatures while I was watching it, me-self.


  2. SQUEEEEEEE Tanks SO Muchly for Visitin me Bloggie! HI EGG!!!!

    I kepst Tinkings of you's and Cants Wait to see you Wondererous Creatures Comin Soon To Theatres Nears US!!!