Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TiGGy & TsuKi MooN Playing Dollies 
Along Da Potomac River Basin
 DaTs ME DoLLy!
 WAAATs Were Ya TinK'nZ?!
 OK TiGGy I HuGs Ya BoTHs
 DaTs BetterMosT TsuKi MooN!
 LuVs Ta Cuddle
On's A BeautyMosT AfterNooN
 Watch'nZ Da SeaGuLLs Togethers
 SisterFae ForEveRs!
 HeYa PeePs!
 HoPes Ya Be's HaPPyMosT Too's!
 We GoTs A MuTuaL Fascination TinGs
 LooK'nZ DeePMosT Into Each Others Eyes
 Ans PLaY'nZ Togethers
 I GoTs LoTs Ta Teach Me SisterFae 
TsuKi MooN
 LoTs O WisDoMs
 AnS Fairy MagicMosTs
 TaLes O AdvenTureZ 
 AnS SisterFae SecreTs Ta Share
 LiFe's Be BeautyMosT!
LiVes LiFe To Da FuLLMosT!
LuV, TiGGy & TsuKi MooN


  1. Looks like you and your sister are bonding very long as she doesn't take your dolly TiGGy! Glad you are happymost, that is always good to hear.

  2. So cute and fun!

    Please click on the link on my new post

  3. Beautiful pics!! Nice to see you playing so well together. Sweetness!!

  4. Really, really, REALLY cute post. :) I agree...LiFe's Be BeautyMosT! :)

  5. Hello Tiggy,
    It's great to see you both playing together. When I was young, had my brother or sister tried to take my doll away, I would of shared, hugged them, then thrown them in the river.
    Big hug,

  6. Why do the look so cute together? TiGGy has the best life ever!

  7. Eeeeeeyaah I love these piccies! Want my Filia Bulan SO MUCH now! Tiggy will have to help with Faerie teachings when she arrives. Skypin' Fae!!