Sunday, July 13, 2014

TiGGy and the Universal Remote

Busy Wids Me IPhone
 SeT'nZ Me Universal Remote
 Well DaT WorK'd.
 GoTs Oompa Loompa WaveLengths
 LovelyMosT DaY To Ya's Oompa
 Well Ummm…
 OK Here Ya Go's
 Aw, DanGs!
 Gimme DaT RemoTe BaCK!
 She Who GoTs Da Remote ~ Rule's!
LuV, TiGGy & Oompa Loompa


  1. Very funny story! Looks like TiGGy has a new minion, and a new friend. I thought she might have been sharing that remote, but no.

  2. Hello from Spain: Tiggy has in its hands the power the whole world. I want her to make a happier world. Great armchair. Keep in touch

  3. Now THAT is some remote! You got your very own friend. I love your chair by the way. Very cool!

  4. Hi Tiggy! That's a very interesting remote you have there, it looks like it can do almost anything! Be careful though, you never know what you might switch on! I love your armchair, nice design! I hope Oompa Loompa brought you some chocolate!!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  5. Ha ha TiGGy, Oompa Loompa nearly ruled you! Got to be careful with those never know what they might do...

  6. It seems TiGGy remote is going to take her anywhere is she wants. I love her little headphones on her.