Thursday, April 17, 2014

TiGGy and Da Soprano's Family Pinball Machine

Da Soprano's Be's Mia FamiliaMosT!
 "Woke Up Dis Morn'nZ"

Got's MeSef Some GuM

Mama Always SeZ I Be

Da ChosenMosT OnE
I Be's One In's A MillioN"
WAiTs Tigglet - Ya CanTs Be a Pole Dancer!
CoZ I Saids CoZ!
Ans Ya Be In's Da WaY O Me Game!
YaY I WoN!
YePs I Be's One In A MillioN!
LuV, TiGGy ans Da FamilyMosT!


  1. I think you are very lucky if you won, because Granny says those machines are rigged.
    HUgs Wilbur.

    1. Its OK Wilbur I Rigged It - So Your Granny is Right! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  2. Hi Tiggy! You're way too nice to be part of THAT family!!! You could always run protection rackets on the other faeries, using Bygby as muscle...just a thought!
    Tigglet as a pole dancer, that made me laugh! (No offence Tigglet!)
    Kind regards, Brian.

    1. TaNks Ya KindMosT HairyPeeP - ByGBy seZ yoU GoTs Muscle! YePs, hard ta KeePs We Young'unZ FroMs Da Pole Dance'nZ….! LuV, TiGGy