Saturday, March 29, 2014

TiGGy and Tigglet in the Studio with 1720's Cello

TiGGy ans Tigglet At PLaY In's Da Studio
Here Wids We 1720's Cello!
 Tigglet Be's Made Outta Wood Too's!
 NoT Ye Olde Wood Tho
Ma Sewed Da Heart Shaped Quilted Protector
 OoosP Tigglet Where Ya GO'nZ?!
 DaT Bridge AinTs Made For WaLK'nZ!
 Tigglet Sure Do GoTs Me Genetics...
 Aw, Me SweeTMosT Tigglet
 Now Ya Be's SafeMosT In's Me Arms
 I LuVs Ta Cuddles Ya Me Tigglet
 I CaNs FeeL Ya Vibrate Wids Da Wood!
 Me SweeTMosT Resonant Tigglet
 YiPes ~ NoTs Da Sound Hole Tigglet
Ya Coulds Fall In!
 No Worries I Gots Ya Me Tigglet!
 Ya Gotta Be CarefulMosT!
 Aw Me SweetMosT Tigglet
 There Jus Do Be's A Difference 
TweeN Play'nZ On 
Ans PLaY'nZ Cello
 BuTs Ya Do Both Be Made's O Wood
 Ans Very DearMosT To Me Heart
 ***TicKle TicKle TicKle***
LuV, TiGGy ans Tigglet


  1. Tigglet is very cute, she must be very small :-)!

    1. Thank You Dear Nymphea - Indeed Tigglet is very tiny and Perfectly scaled to be TiGGys Bestest Pal and lil mini-me dolly :)

  2. Little Tigglet is so cute. I'm sure Tiggy will look after her, seeing she is her big sister.

    1. Thank You Dear Kay - Actually Tigglet is TiGGys tiny dolly made to look just like TiGGy - her own Mini Me Dolly - but Tigglet has sooo much Personality they do indeed Frolic together like sisters! :)

  3. Awww! Tigglet is so sweet! And I love Tiggy's shoes!! The cello is very beautiful. The color of the wood is incredible.

    1. Thank YoU Dear Caroline - Tigglet is indeed TiGGys beloved dolly and friend. Indeed the cello is a magnificent instrument I am very lucky to have the honor of the company of all three of these Amazing Beings :)

  4. Hello from Spain: Tigglet is very cute. I like the red dress Tiggy is wearing Tiggy!. The cello is very beautiful. Nice and sweet photos. Keep in touch

    1. Hello Dear Marta - Thank you for enjoying Tigglet and TiGGys little red dress. Indeed the cello is very cherished here - as are TiGGy and Tigglet :)

  5. Hi Tiggy! Tigglet really likes that cello, maybe she just wanted to hear what it sounded like from inside! Good job you were there to make sure she stayed safe, imagine a full concert with Tigglet inside it!!
    That is a well-loved cello, it looks like it has seen many years of playing, and the polished wood is gorgeous!
    Kind regards, Brian.

    1. HiYa Brian Me PeeP! - Indeed Me Tigglet was hoping the vibrations were even More amazing Inside da cello!

      Oh Heavens a whole concert w/ Tigglet inside - it might match all the STomPing TiGGy does during most of my concerts LOL!!!

      Indeed my luthier who takes care of the Smithsonian Strads gave my cello a French Polish - which is Very Expensive - to chastise me for having so much rosin all over it - I am Much More Careful to wipe that a bit better before we visit these days LOL! ;)