Thursday, February 27, 2014

TiGGy's Special Valentines Present

OmiGoshNess A GiNorMouS BoX!!!
 FroMs DandelionFair!!!
 ByGBy HaDs IT SenT Ta Me SpeZiaLMosT
 GoTTa UnWraPs It CareFullMosT
 LoTsa WraP'nZ Here's
 Me Fingers Be All TingleMosTesT!
 I GoTs Ta Savor Every MomenTs
 OmiGoshNess LooK Ats Da Little SheeT
 TANKs Ya ByGBy For Me SpeZiaL PreZZie
I LuVs YoU!
 YoU GoTs Your Ownliest Lil BeD!
 Oh YoU Be's PreciousMosT!
 I TiNks I'm Gonna Names Ya "ValenTini"
 Ooooh Ya CaMes To Your Name!!!
 I LuVs Ya ValenTini
 Here Be's Me PreciousMosT ValenTini
 TANKs Ya DandelionFair!
 ValenTini Be's PreciousMosT BeautifuLL!
 I'ms Gonna STomP ALL Over 
Da Kennedy Center 
 Ans Show EverBodies Me NeW PuPPy!!!
  PuPPy LuV!!!
 HeLLo Would Ya Like 
Ta MeeTs Me New Puppy?!
I AinTs Taught Him Ta BiTE YeTs!
GeT'nZ TearyMosT Here's...
 SaY Hi To Da PeePs ValenTini!
We Gonna Cuddle ToGetherMosT
 In's Me Oakley Travel Case
 BacK Home NoWs WiDs Me Tigglet Too's!
 YePs, I Live A CharmedMosT Life
TaNKs PeePs! ~ LuV, TiGGy


  1. Valentini is very sweet, a lovely new companion :-)!

    1. Thank You Nymphaea, TiGGs and ValenTini are cuddling away happily right now - TiGGy sends YoU LuV <3

  2. Goshmostnest! Valentini is the cutest little pup, to sweet to ever learn to bites!

    1. LOL Methinks you might be right about ValenTini, guess TiGGs will have to stick to doing her Ownliest biting :D

  3. Hi Tiggy! Bygby is such a generous guy! ValenTini is so cute, you definitely do live a CharmedMost life!
    I don't think you could teach him to bite, he looks so nice he's just nuzzle people instead!
    Kind regards, Brian.

    1. YuP Brian, I do think you are quite right, ValenTini is proving you right by nuzzling w/ TiGGs right now - Thank You for visiting :)

  4. What a great lil pup! Just the right color. I can't believe the great outfit you have on....beautiful.

    1. TANKs Ya AnonyPeeP - I LuVs Me PuP ans Me Threads! ~ LuV, TiGGy

  5. Valentini is so sweet and adorable! He is so tiny too!

  6. Awww, how cute! And a great name for him too. Congrats!