Friday, January 17, 2014

TiGGy GoTs Da FAEBies Their Ownliest Hello Kitty House!

Santy Broughts A SpeZial PreZZie 
for Da FAEbies!
 Da FAEBies Ownliest Hello Kitty House!
 Ans LooK whO Showed Up!
 Da FAEBies Ownliest Sister Olive ElvenFae!
 ElvenFae Be's So CutieMosT In's GreeN!
 Da FAEBies Be Impressifieds!
Ans a GooD TinGs Too Da FAEBies House GoTs Two Stories
 CoZ ElvenFae Snaggeds Da Upper One!
 YePs ElvenFae LuVs Be'nZ HoME!
 Two Stories For Make'nZ LoTs O Stories!
 Pretty NiftyMosT House For Da FAEBies!
WynKen, BlynKen ans NoD Agree HeartyMosT!
Now Ta TucKs In's Me Wee ElvenFae
 SaY G'Nite To da PeePs
 Nite PeePs!
 Ans All Thru Da Hello Kitty House
 All's Da FAEBies Be Get'nZ Ready For SleePs
 Nitey Night SweeT FAEBies
 Nite SweeT PeePs!
LuV, TiGGy ans Da FAEBies


  1. Going to be a house full of Faeries! They are all soooo cute. Obviously all related. Must be they inherited good genes! Thanks for Kitty being so "willing" to share. Who could say NO to TiGGy.

    1. Wow, somehow I Missed all these Comments!

      Thank YoU AnonyPeeP - Indeed I am not sure Miss Kitty quite expected her house to get taken over the moment she moved in, but you know cats, they seem to like to be cared for and Da Faebies do Love Miss Kitty! - and Indeed TiGGy GoTs Dis! :) ~ LuV, and HuGs from TiGGy

  2. This house is gorgeous!! All pink and girlie.

    1. Thank YoU Caroline - Da FaEBies are Pretty Thrilled with their new house - TiGGy wisely realized they needed their Ownliest Place to hang out, and what could be Cuter?! TiGGy and Da FaEBies Send LuV! <3

  3. That is a niftymost house indeed! What a lovely place for the faeries!

    1. Thanks So Much Veronique - Its Such a Fun House - and the Front closes like a European Dollhouse - Keeping Da FaEBies Very Safe Too! ~ TiGGy Sends LuV! <3

  4. Hello from Spain: I love Hello Kitty's house. Great furniture. Keep in touch

    1. Hello Marta - Thank You so Much! YeP, Da Hello Kitty FAEBie House is a BiG Hit here - and Did come with such Great Furniture too - and Room for More! TiGGy and Da FaEBies Send LuV!

  5. Congratulations on your wonderful new house! It's so cute--you're going to have lots of fun with this one--woohoo! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank You Jennifer - Indeed Da Whole Crew is Pretty Knocked out by How CooL this House is! Thanks So Much for Celebrating Da FAEBies New Home! ~ TiGGy and Da FAEBies Send LuV!

  6. Hi Tiggy! As long as Kitty is happy with the arrangements, then it alright! The place could do with a triple bed though! It looks like there's plenty of room for extra furniture to go in so it shouldn't be a problem!
    Kind regards, Brian.

    1. LOL HairyPeeP - I am not sure Miss Kitty had much time to realize she is actually a house cat - but she seems to be enjoying all the LuV Da FAEBies are showering her with - and as you will see - we are going to need even More BeDs! Not to mention More Chairs too! But you are right, LoTs of RooM is GooD! Thanks For Your EveR Cheering Visits! ~ TiGGy sends LuV!