Thursday, November 7, 2013

TiGGy and Figgi by the Potomac ~ Catching Planes

LovelyMosT DaY Wids Me PaL Figgi
 Togethers By Da Potomac
 Watch'nZ Da Plane's Go By

 Dolly PeeP Time Be's SpezialMosT
 Ans Me Figgi GoTs Wings
So I GoTs Ta Show Figgi 
 Da WonderMosTs O Fly'nZ
 Figgi Be's InspiredMosT NowZ
Ya Be TinK'nZ A Catch'nZ a Plane Figgi?

 YeP I TinKs You CaN Figgi!

 Its All BouTs Da Time'nZ
 O Da Fly'nZ
 Ans TrajectoryMostesTs!
 YaY Figgi FLY!
 Ya GoTs Dis Figgi!
Haves A DreamyMosT DaY PeePs
~ LuV, Figgi & TiGGy


  1. HEY...the flockling love to watch planes too!!! We live right next to a hobby plane airfield and love watching all sorts of creative remote planes. But Tiggy and Figgy are seeing the REAL thing...what a great life they have <3 You guys are the BEST!!!!!!

    1. Ahhh Rose - so it was Figgi's idea! How CooL is ThaT?! My husband adores model planes so that must be so Much Fun being able to see them all the time like that! TiGGy is very Grateful to you for Precious Figgi - they are sooo Adorable together on their adventures - Yes TiGGs was rather proud of Figgi for nabbing that 747 ;D ~ LuV and HuGs, TiGGy and Figgi

  2. Replies
    1. TANKs Ya Charlie Me PeeP ~ LeaP Alongs AnyTimes! ~ LuV, TiGGy ans Figgi

  3. Replies
    1. TANKs Ya Isabelle - TiGGs Loves your crew too!!! LuV, TiGGy and Figgi

  4. You two need to watch out for the breezes on the river. With your beautiful wings you could gust off to Toledo!
    Great pic TiGGy! It is so nice of you to show your friends your "stomping" grounds.

    1. OmiGosh AnonyPeeP - I was sooo nervous they Would get swept away on a breeze - I was still having visions of them leaping into the Potomac long afterwards! Thankfully they just had a Wonderful RomP Togethers! ~ LuV, TiGGy ans Figgi

  5. Hi Tiggy! Don't let Figgi fly too high, she might hit the turbulence from the planes! Kind regards, Brian.

    1. HairyPeeP - You may have just solved the riddle of why TiGGy does NoT have wings - what planes would be safe with TiGGs Turbulence?! LOLOLOL!!! Thank You for always bringing up the unexpected - TiGGy LoVes your Visits! ~ LuV, TiGGy ans Figgi