Saturday, March 16, 2013

Uh Oooooooh.....
 I ToLDs Ya NoTs Ta Jus YuKuYukaYucky - Now LooK Where Ya GoTs To - Da Bottom O Da HeapMosT 
 But Dear TiGGy, It was just a moment of weak knees....ahem
Weak Knees Me BuTTs.
Where Be's Ya Moral FiberTude?!
 Ahhh TiGGy My Head is Throbbing, can you possibly speak a little softer, perhaps a little less stomp?
Ok ByGBy Me LuV, Jus Glad Ya Survived Da PickledMosT Frozen cHarlots Wids Yer Pistola IntactMosT
NoW LeTs PlaY!

Ahhh My Beautiful TiGGy, Your Bette Davis Eyes Get Me EveryTime
Awww ShucksMosT ~ SMOOOCH!!! 

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