Thursday, August 30, 2012

Heal'nZ PowerZ O Da Fae

Luts ZuZu Delf Peter Pan "Everald", Baby Pearlie w her DandelionFair Mouse "PipSquee", Fuuga Firefly Fairy "Phaedra", Vampire Fidelia Firefly Fairy "VampFae Sageling", Firefly Fairy Fidelia's "Zephyr" & "TiGGy" w/ Laryssa Fairy Faun Seer by Kaye Wiggs


  1. Datz a lotta Fae! Good to see everbunny!

  2. Hello from Spain: you have a very large collection of dolls. I love watching your photos with so many dolls .. Very cute .. keep in touch

  3. Awww Thanks Rabratty and Marta - I am waaay behind running around here, but so appreciate your enjoying my little crew playing together - Thank YoUs!!!