Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BeautyMost DaY On's Da Chesapeake BaY

Jus Perfects For Be'nZ a Matey!
Oh, Betters?!....YePs I Do GeTs Arounds - YAY!
HeLP'nZ Da Army Corps O Engineer's Wids Da TuG BoaTs
Gotta TuGs Da Barge SafeMost 
BeautyMost TuG...
Jus A LiL To's Da PorTs PeePs!
YePPers AhoY!
GooD Work BoYZ!
It Were Me PleasureMost Work'nZ WiDs Ya 
FineMost Jobbie SaLuTE! ~ LuV, Ofc. TiGGs

1 comment:

  1. Hello from Spain, that such beautiful photos of the Chesapeake Bay. Tiggy looks very happy. Keep in touch