Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Da BeautyMost BJTales Mouse

Now DaTs Be ShaZaMGlam If I Evers Done Seen It's!


  1. Oh, Tiggy!!!! You got to see MOuse????? Is a mouse coming to live with you at the Cabin? I missed the preorder and am feeling so sad about it.....

  2. HeYa LuLu! YePs, I gots me Ownliest mouse comin via JPopdolls.com, but it were a HugeMost Honorable ta Meets Da Original in's Personable!

    There always be some gets resold, so I knows you will be able ta gets yer Ownliest too's - Ya done coaxed all da BeautyMost EnYo's ta come live's wids ya and have a WonderMost life O Luxurious - I Knows Dat You Will GeTs Yer Mousie! ~ LuV, TiGGy