Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ans Now An ImPorTantMost Update From's Amberly Willow "Dis bes da NEW Fire Fly Journal! TaDa!! Dis issue bes about da Firefly guardians and dere charges storminz Disney

"DollZwize, Tappinz, Mushu, 1Mim, Susan, Jenn, Rivermyst, Valli and RoseAnn all donez flewz ta Florida ta has a googly most good timez togethersomes! We be watchins for steady updatinz on da happeninz deres! Deys already wents ta some finemost places like da miniaturist shop and gotz wonderfulmost tings dere. Anz dey wents ta Universal Studios and played dere. Ans dey had dinnersomes and breakfastsomes anz hadz a good timemostest! Dey even brought swappy gifties too for each oders! Oh, dey just havinz so much funmostest! I be wishin we couldz all goes to da next Fire Fly gatherinz for dis wonderfulmost good timez toghersomes! Happy Days iz herez agins! Reportinz from da studio, dis be mes, Amberly Willow! Tiggz?" TANKs Amberly Willow Ya Nailed It's PerFectMosT!

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