Thursday, December 1, 2011

---------A Day In Which TiGGy Gets a Letter---------------------------------------

"To Her TiGGyness From An Admirer"

My Dear TiGGy,

I have followed your various adventures with great interest the last few weeks since 'the human' finally found a proper place where we could meet others. I must say that I admire your spunk. You're a Lady with Style. Please accept this humble token of my high regards.

Yours Truly,

---------Which leads TiGGy to grab ByGby and-------------------------------------


-----------After Which TiGGy and ByGBy Decide to Go Leaf Surfing -------


 FuNs Wids Me Hubby LuV

ByGby - TiGGy, who is "Alaios"?

TiGGy - No Worries Me LuV, jus Leaf it Ans EnJoyZ Da RiDe!


  1. Giggling snorting chuckling. Fab U lous!!!!

  2. Ooops! ByGBy better watch out! I caught Alaois on the computer this morning muttering about 'foolish competition'...

  3. LOL So now I see what the begging fuss was about...
    Alaois... :) Giggle giggle!!!
    Well besides all the hubba hubba, Omi appreciated the effort and leaf surfing support from her FRIENDS... she can clearly see what kind support Alaois gives. LOL

  4. OK, that was suppose to be BEGINNING fuss not begging fuss... clearly I fail at typing today!

  5. Wavin HowDy ta NyXy - Tanks For Likins Da Gigglies!

    Hawk - Ya tell Alaois he be a FineMost Species O InspirinZ!

    Yeps Dragonfly - He sure were UpLiftinZ! Ans MeTinks Ya GoTs a FineMost FreudySlip Go'nZ Dere Tee Hee!
    LuV ~ TiGGy