Thursday, November 3, 2011

BoX OpeninZ from's Aunty ReRe!
BoX DiVinZ!
Ahhh's Da ThrillsMost O Suspense!

Me Ownliest Radio Flyer - WAAAAAAH!!!


A Wee Wonderfuls Nesty For Baby Pearlie!
Ans A PinkMost Party Dressie - HuGs!

Ans EntireMost "Good Ans Plenty" Trainset For's ByGby Too's!
Yep Baby Pearlie - Ya Gots Dis!
Tee Hee - Baby Pearlie Be DeTermineds Ta Gets Us Ta Aunty ReRe's Camp NoWZ!

Ahhh Waaats a BeautyMost View - Hang On's ByGby!
TANKs HuGeMost For's Da Welcome HoMe Prezzies
Aunty ReRe!

We Be Dream'nZ O See'nZ Ya ans
Da GiantMost Gray Haireds FF ats Yer Oceanside Camp!
TANKs For's Da JoYouS!

HuGs ans Kissies ~ LuV, TiGGy, ByGby, ans Baby Pearlie!

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