Monday, October 17, 2011

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Subject: Teh welcomes party! - Tiggy's Visit (Part 3)   Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:46 pm

The time for Tiggy to go home was soon to come, and knowing too that her birthday was approaching; Kumi and Rupert and the others wanted to throw her a party...

Soon She arrived along with Razzy and Bannon...

Rupert asked how she liked her fish; he'd gone out early that morning to catch something special and came back with some really nice Trout.

Of course there were other, sweeter dishes to be had as well

As well as a special birthday cake!

Group Photo

Kumi's obligatory photo with Tiny on her Lap... "It's my Hobbies!", she exclaims. No kidding though; she has pics with all the tinies she's ever met sitting on her lap...

and of course she had to have one with Razzy too...

And then Rupert jumped in with a mighty KAWAII!!!

Kumi had a little something for TiGGy's Birthday....

"A little somethings to helps you keeps teh peace!"

"A couple of brand news Deputies!" she exclaimed.

...They were a little on the short side!

To be concluded!


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