Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Me Pal Hitty Buzby in her Newmost Whale Dress!
Ifs Ya Donts Know WAAATs da Whale Dress Be Bouts Ya Gotta Reads 
"Hitty Her First Hundred Years" bys Rachel Fields ans Illustrationed bys Dorothy Lathrop

Gets Da Book Here's!

Gets Info ons Hitty Here's!

Hitty Were Da OriginalMost Adventurins Dolly!


  1. I gots da book, Tiggs, gonna reads it right away! I gotsta find out Waaaaaats?!? da whale dress is aboat. Aboat! Whale! Gets it? ;D

  2. Dangs You Be's Ons Da BallMost! Aboats da Whale Hunt! Tee Hee Hee Giggle SNORT! SQUEEEEDoodle!

    Dat Sea Adventurin will haves Ya Hootin ans Hollerins ans Spoutins for Mores!

    Keeps Me Posteds! Hitty Do Rocks!

    Ans You Cans even Carves yer Ownliest Hitty Toos!

  3. BLO-O-OOOWS! Dat whales boat is scarymost! Poor whalesies! Poor Caplin Pebbler!

    Hitty just gones to see Adelina Patti and almos' gots SQUOOOOOOSHED and Johns Greensleeves Whittler is at da house in Philamadolphinia. My dollies and me missin' Miss Phoebe awfulmostsad.

    Waaaah, I is is not a woodystick carver. *pooh* Ooh, I could have Marmalade Catsy fill in! "Tonites da role of Miss Hitty Pebbler is done be playin' by Catsy inna dressy!"

  4. Tiggy, you done recommend a Dam Finemost Book. LUVVED DA HITTY! Now I needses one Hitty of my ownliest. Off to da Etsy and eBay for Hitty huntin'!