Monday, September 6, 2010

Hi I am Tiggys Pal Buttercup ans Tiggy asked me to come say Hi on her bloggie as she is on Holiday for Labor Day, so ummmm Hi Peeps! Happy Ummm Laboring.......Not...or (what was I supposed to say?.....?!) Ummm Happy Day Peeps! Love, Buttercup


  1. ohhhh that elegance ... I loved every detail ,.... it's all a great charm
    I loved the dragonflies of the boot.big hugs

  2. Beautiful doll.
    So sweet.
    Greeting Ineke

  3. Hi Peeps! Tanks For Lovin Me Bootses ans me new pal Buttercup. She even let me borrows her pretty PinkMost dress - EverysTing do Be Lookin Good In Pinks!!!!
    TANKs!!!! - LUV, TiGGy!