Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gypsy Vardo Waggon!

Our Hosty Family Gots Dis Today!

She do looks all Incredulifieds!

Hosty Mom Dids a Tiggs Jiggs!

Doin some posin wids da Gypsy Wagon

and wids some interior peeks

Gots a Open Gypsy Wagon Invites Heres!!!! PARTY!!!
Oh YAAYYY Ember gots her bags all Packsed ans comin froms across da pond ta PARTY!!!!

Da Dude who Broughts Hosty Families New Vardo Done Played our cello Toos!

GotsDa DaNcE!!!



  1. I loved your hair in the picture with the bag.hugs

  2. Yep thats me Pal Ember from England with her little green bag all packed to come play Gypsy - TANKS!!!!