Saturday, February 6, 2010

So's I wents outside to rides me Nastydon.

An's I dint knowed it were da Buckings kind. 
Sooooo nex tings I knowed....
Good tings I were wearin's me CowGrill Cappie else I'd stayed dere till Springs... Dangs Buxin Nastydon!


Well Gets OUt DERE and FINDs Me Ear Blingie!
Tiggy - I Only Found You because of your Hat Thank Heavens!
Oh... den TANKS GoshNess Fors Me SpeZial Rescube CowGrill Cappie!!!
Well Dangs, I gots my Avalanching Certifiable Nows.
So's - When do we trys da Polar Bear Plunge?!


  1. Oh no! Not the Polar Bear Plunge! Brrrrrr...!

  2. LOL! I was so busy trying to "catch the light" better on her face I never even saw her disappear! And she was GONE! Fortunately my husband spotted an indentation which indeed had filled in, first I dug out her cap, and waaaaaaaaaaaay down deeper the Tiggster herself. Then I snapped the pics which I am glad I did because though it was actually a total scare, The pics really are quite funny, and of course Tiggy just turned it all into yet another grand romp of a new adventure. LOL!

    Thanks so Very Much for enjoying her - and also for your Fun comments! The Tiggster says "TANKS!"

    Well, I best be off making snow shoes eh? LOL!!!